Paleontology carbon dating

Built the world’s most powerful electromagnets; discovered electromagnetic induction independently of Faraday; made scientific breakthroughs that allowed Samuel Morse to invent the telegraph.The unit of electrical inductance is named in his honor.One of antiquity’s greatest scientists: founded the mathematical discipline of trigonometry; measured the earth-moon distance accurately; discovered the precession of the equinoxes; documented the positions and magnitudes of over 850 stars; his combinatorics work was unequalled until 1870.Founded modern geology when he discovered how to interpret rocks.Discovered the solar system’s planets follow elliptical paths; showed that tides on the earth are caused mainly by the moon; proved how logarithms work; discovered the inverse square law of light intensity; his laws of planetary motion led Newton to his law of gravitation.A founder of modern chemistry; discovered oxygen’s role in combustion and respiration; discovered that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen; proved that diamond and charcoal are different forms of the same element, which he named carbon.The father of modern science, Galileo discovered the first moons ever known to orbit another planet and that the Milky Way is made of stars.He rationalized how objects are affected by gravity, stated the principle of inertia, and proposed the first theory of relativity.

Discovered the Bernoulli Effect explaining how aircraft wings generate lift; formulated a kinetic theory relating particle speeds in gases to temperature; made major discoveries in the theory of risk.

One of the greatest mathematicians of all time: co-founded the disciplines of analytic geometry and probability theory and was a key player in the invention of calculus.

There’s more to Fermat than his famous last theorem.

The Eclipses are more than a scientific wonder, they’re a deeply human event.

For millennia, the moon has periodically blotted out the sun, but scientists have only recently started studying them.

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