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Sports are a huge part of the culture of the city and the Greater Philadelphia area.Philadelphia sports fans are considered to be some of the most knowledgeable fans in sports, and are known for their extreme passion for all of their teams.The campaign casts you as a player in the Bush Hockey League (BHL), on the last-place Charleston Blues — a team whose name and logo are obvious references to the beloved 1977 sports film .The game’s cel-shaded look also lends a vintage feel to the proceedings.

Yet an indie studio of that size inevitably has to make compromises somewhere, and one that could prove painful for people interested in is online play.Update (March 21): We’ve edited the article to replace the trailer, and to add details about the release date and price.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been home to many teams and events in professional, semi-professional, amateur, college, and high-school sports.As you complete those goals, you’ll improve your team’s ratings and unlock skills such as being able to catch fire.V7 is promising a charming story mode with the fun antics of a lovable group of guys in the mid-’70s.

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“There are other hilarious hijinks along the way that you’d only hear if you were part of a hockey team, albeit one that rides the bus — one of those blue-collar hockey players,” said Torillo.

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