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The best resource for catalogues is undoubtedly the irreplaceable Steve Maxwell's archived listings of historical sets is also good (I also enjoy Dave Selville's Old Drummer's Club publications and the websites run by enthusiasts."Simon Wagstaff: "There are plenty of books, some of the best being The Slingerland, Gretsch and Rogers books, all written by Rob Cook ("Richard Thomas: "Wikipedia, Geoff Nicholls' drum books, also Modern Drummer and Rhythm magazines."Mike Ellis: "The Drum Book by some no-hope chancer called Geoff Nicholls is a great reference tool!There will always be villains trying to charge top money for dubious drums, but many are okay and the rest, if not saintly, are dumb rather than malicious! "Simon Wagstaff: "Identifying drums can be tricky, especially with badges/transition periods and no serial numbers."Peter Foskett: "Beware if you're making a decision from just a photograph and description. Know your subject or do your research."Alan Buckley: "Collect catalogues, they are the only reliable source of information."Mike Ellis: "This can be tricky especially with very old items, but a great resource for ID issues."Dave Mcready: "Google it or ask someone in the know. Or sometimes the experts who have been collecting for years.You wouldn't walk into an antique store and spend big money without doing some research.Swot up from reliable sources or repent at leisure. It's a good source for parts."Jeremy Peake: "Ask for more photos or go along and take a look.So look for gear that has not been well described: 'Drum Kit', eg: by an owner who is not sure what they have.That might throw up the odd bargain."Dave Mcready: "Try searching different spellings of well-known brands on e Bay, Facebook, and Gumtree."Alan Buckley: "The web is one of the last places I would look because you cannot see what you are getting.

and second-hand shops of any sort might have a drum under the counter...

In the first of our two-part feature, previous contributors to Rhythm's vintage gear pages share their experiences and know-how…As regards buying vintage, or simply old/interesting gear, where would you look, especially for first-time bargains?

Online Mike Ellis: "Online auction and sale sites [e Bay, Gumtree, Craigslist, uk etc] are a good place to start.

They are accessible and if something is missing there's a chance you will find a replacement part."How can you be sure to identify items correctly?

Dave Selville: "Contemporary buyers have the benefit of some excellent sources of information - Mike Ellis, Drum Archive, Rhythm etc.

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"Richard Thomas: "Attend both UK vintage drum shows - the UK National Drum Fair and Sir Alan's Vintage and Custom Drum Show."What should you look for? Cymbals: vintage A and K Zildjians, Black Label Paiste 2002s and old Paiste 602s.

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