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'The same is true for the collection of user inputs during checkout and registration processes.' The Princeton team says the replay services offer a combination of manual and automatic redaction tools that allow publishers to exclude sensitive information from session replay recordings.They decided to test the redaction processes used by six companies that offer the service.

This image shows a replay of the dummy session, which reveals all of the information typed in by the user Researchers from Princeton University identified four main vulnerabilities resulting from the use of 'session replay' scripts:1. The scripts record the entire contents of a page as it is used, another avenue for data falling into the wrong hands.4.The findings were made as part of Princeton University's Web Transparency and Accountability Project, which monitors websites and services to find out what user data companies collect, how they collect it, and what they do with it.Researchers found that 482 of the top 50,000 websites by numbers of visitors use session replay scripts.They set up test pages, as well as analysing live sites, to find out what kind of information may be accessible via the tools.Mr Englehardt and his colleagues identified four main vulnerabilities resulting from the use of the scripts.

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