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The powerplant could produce “well over the 700HP mark”, all while “breathing through a straw”.

Another topic worthy of discussion is weight savings.

We all know Ford has recently invested heavily in Aluminum materials and tooling, primarily for the new F-150 line – but Ford Performance has also added a heavy dose of weight savings to the new GT350 and GT350R in terms of carbon forged plastic, carbon fiber wheels and aluminum fenders.

I am an Earth Scientist with broad interests in Quaternary science, archaeological science, palynology, sedimentology, molluscs, palaeoecology and palaeoenvironments. I also have interests in Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments. Palynostratigraphy of the classic Portland and Purbeck sequences of Dorset, southern England, and the correlation of Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary beds in the Tethyan and Boreal realms Beaudoin AB, Head MJ. Romano-Libyan floodwater farming in the Tripolitanian pre-desert Barker GWW, Gilbertson DD. Quaternary environments and biogeography of the Maltese Islands Mifsud A, Savona Ventura C. The Biferno Valley: Archaeology as Annales History in a Mediterranean Valley 2 :59-82 Leicester University Press. The Biferno Valley: Archaeology as Annales History in a Mediterranean Valley 1 :62-83 Leicester University Press. Farming the Desert: The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Survey 1 :191-225 Hunt CO, Gilbertson DD, Smithson PA. Geomorphology and Palaeoecology Barker GWW, Jones B, Mattinley DJ. Central East Anglia and the Fen Basin Field Guide :59-69 Quaternary Research Association. Central East Anglia and the Fen Basin Field Guide :85-92 Quaternary Research Association.

I have done research in many countries including the UK, Ireland, Malta, Libya, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Jordan, Iraq, Vietnam, Borneo, Norway. Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science :566-567 Fitzroy Dearborn. 230 :175-185 GEOLOGICAL SOC PUBLISHING HOUSE Link Hunt CO, Gilbertson DD. Romano-Libyan agriculture in the Tripolitanian predesert: Mediterranean perspectives Higham NJ. The Archaeology of Drylands: living on the margins :137-159 Routledge. Facets of Maltese Prehistory :33-75 Prehistoric Society of Malta. A revised correlation of quaternary deposits in the British Isles 1 :66-78 Geological Society Publishing House Jones AM, Hunt CO, Crook DS. Traditional irrigation strategies and their implications for sustainable livelihoods in semi-arid areas Wheater D, Kirby C. Context and impacts of ancient catchment management in Mediterranean countries: implications for sustainable resource use Wheater D, Kirby C. The impact of agricultural soil erosion on prehistoric and historic- period valley sedimentation in Central Italy Livadie AC, Ortolani F. Palynology of the Barnham Sequence Ashton N, Lewis SG, Parfitt S. A history of pond degradation in the East Midlands: Hermitage Pond, Mansfield Boothby J. Farming the Desert: The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Survey 1 :48-82 UNESCO.

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I have published three edited books and over 190 research papers/book chapters. Introduction to the Annual Meeting, April 2006 Hunt CO, Haslett SK. London 9780907780700 Hunt CO, Singh H, Badang B, Mani-Banda R, Rushworth G. Landscape Development around Loagan Bunut, Sarawak Tuen AA, Sayok AK, Toh AN, Noweg GT. Archaeology of the Roman Empire: A tribute to the life and works of Professor Barri Jones 940 :237-243 BAR. Valletta Campbell S, Hunt CO, Scourse JD, Keen DH, Croot DG. Hydrology in a changing environment 2 :485-493 John Wiley. Hydrology in a changing environment 2 :473-483 John Wiley. Il sistema uomo-ambiente tra passato e presente 1 :99-111 Edipuglia. Excavations at the Lower Palaeolithic site at East Farm, Barnham, Suffolk 1993-4 125 :153-163 British Museum. British Pond Landscapes: Action for Protection and Enhancement :39-46 The Pond Life Project. Paris Collis J, Ralph NGA, Hunt CO, Coles GM, Manby TG, Henson D, Stroud G. A Bronze Age Barrow at Big Lane, Hognaston, Derbyshire Barnatt J, Collis J. Sheffield Barker G, Gilbertson DD, Hunt CO, Mattingley DJ. Romano-Libyan agriculture: Integrated Models Barker GWW, Jones B, Mattingley DJ. The Late Cenozoic deposits at the Naze, Walton, Essex Bridgland DR, Allen P, Wymer JJ. Quaternary valley floor erosion and alluviation in the Biferno Valley, Molise, Italy: The role of tectonics, climate, sea level change, and human activity Lewin J, Macklin MG, Woodward JC. Palynomorph taphonomy in the fluvial environment: an example from the Palaeolithic site at High Lodge, Mildenhall, UK Davis OK.

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