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It was a dream of mine to work with her and I'm happy to share this portrait by David Sims for our Fall '16 campaign." [email protected] • Photographed by David Sims Styling direction by @kegrand Casting by @bitton Hair direction by @guidopalau Makeup direction by @diane.kendal Nails by @jinsoonchoi Set design by @stefanbeckman #MJFW16 A post shared by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on Once again, Marc Jacobs is also knocking his latest campaign out of the park, gathering together an extremely diverse smattering of his favorite fashion muses.

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Women who have sex quickly, like on the first date, are viewed as “easy and cheap” even in a modern sexually liberal society.

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As long as there are music enthusiasts who appreciate the sonic treats the decade had to offer, 1980s music will never fade away.

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The trouble started on the evening of October 11 and had been quelled by 2am the next day, after 10 Tornado teams, were sent in to deal with about 80 inmates - some reportedly armed with pool balls. HMP Long Lartin is a maximum security jail in Worcestershire which holds up to 622 male inmates.

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Below, you can find a list of music artists that have dissed and sent shots to Weezy in their music and in their interviews.

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War-crime rape, date rape, rape as a ritual for pledging a fraternity, spousal rape, incest, rape with known assailants, rape with unknown assailants, police officers sodomizing a man with a broomstick. Any discussion of rape is going to require us as a culture to get much more imaginative about it.